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January 19

The Ragpicker

This painting is considered an icon of 19th century collections. It was painted by Édouard Manet around 1870 and is titled The Ragpicker. One who gazes upon this canvas may be awestruck by its imposing size of more than 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. Parisian viewers would have been familiar with the ragpickers […]

January 13

The Isolation of Hell

Let me first apologize if this painting is offensive. Art isn’t always beautiful and this particular piece is both eye-catching and disturbing at the same time. You must agree that the depiction of the human anatomy is astonishing. The strain of the muscles is visceral. The agony of the men writhing in pain as they […]

December 30

Check out my new book: “Who Told You That?”

Hello readers! I invite you to check out my new book hot off the press. Go here ( to learn more about it and to place your order. I appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. May you be blessed!

December 30

Happy New Year

Isn’t this a lovely winter scene? The team of Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives (Currier and Ives) headed up a successful printmaking firm based in New York City from 1857 to 1907. While the company began with images created by Currier first, and Ives later, it employed a host of other artists who sketched […]

November 18

The Meaning Behind the Mosaic

To my readers, I apologize for not posting for a while. I have been writing a series for our church on the history and meaning of the artwork found in the church. I wasn’t sure if that interested anyone outside the faith community, so I did not post my explorations. However, there is a mosaic […]

September 02

The Lost Coin

This painting is by an artist named Jim Hasse who was a Jesuit Priest. He passed away in 2011. It illustrates the story Jesus told called the Parable of the Lost Coin. A woman who had ten silver coins loses one, and rather than being content in letting the coin stay lost, she sweeps her […]

August 19

Seeing God in the Mundane

I fell in love with this simple portrait of a simple girl doing a simple task. Maybe because I am a simple person? Her facial expression is hard for me to read. Is she bored? Upset? Or just resigned to doing the task at hand that must be done? The artist is a Swiss painter […]

August 12

Minimally Liminal

I discovered this image while looking through Biola University’s Center for Christianity Culture & the Arts. It is a digital illustration by Christopher Powers who oversees a ministry of art called “Full of Eyes” where he creates visual resources for the global church. Dream job! This is how the illustration is explained on the website: […]

August 05

Don’t Just Do Something…

This is a painting of a familiar Bible story told in Luke’s gospel about Jesus’ visit to sisters Mary and Martha. Mary is praised by Christ for her willingness to sit at his feet and listen to his teachings. Martha, however, is up and about, concerned with food preparation and housekeeping. The work is by […]

July 22

Watching the Battle

Who are these lovely ladies hiding in the crevice of a rock? What are they looking at? We learn from the painting’s title that their names are Courage, Anxiety, and Despair and they are watching a battle. This masterpiece is by British painter James Sant who was mostly known for his portraits. He was the […]