December 09

Being Helpless

Every year on the first week of December I take a group of women to New York to do mission work. In the past, I wrote about seeing a woman lying on the cold sidewalk of 5th Avenue of NYC and how hopeless I felt not knowing how to help her. A similar thing happened this […]

July 07

Care, Not Cure

I don’t know about you, but when someone comes to me with a problem, my first instinct is to want to “cure” it. But most often what people need is just someone to listen. Listening without fixing is of great value and much-needed. Doesn’t sound too hard? Oh yea, just try it! It is hard […]

June 27

Being Whiny

We all get a little whiny sometimes. I get that. And sometimes that whine spills into our prayer life, especially if we feel God isn’t paying any attention to us. Perhaps we’ve been praying about a problem for a long time now, but getting nothin’ in return. Hello, is anybody up there? And perhaps our […]

February 27

OK, I’ll Trust That

  A few weeks ago, I was tasked with creating a slide show for worship. While the show played, a rendition of the song “Thank You” was performed by our choir and orchestra. It was both beautiful and moving. The week I needed to get the presentation done, there were many other things demanding my […]

February 14

Being Free

Dr. Timothy Keller tells this true story of a Highland Scot named Murdo McDonald. During WWII he was captured with another Scot and put in a prisoner of war camp, Stalag 17. Both Scots acted as chaplains and were on opposite sides of the fence—one with the British group and one with an American group. Once […]

January 28

Which God?

I’ve been watching the show “Orange is the New Black.” I’m not recommending this show to anyone because of the “rawness” of the content, but I am fascinated by the characters in the show; how they got to where they are at and what they are doing to survive. Piper Chapman, the main character, said something in […]

January 23

Fact, Fate, Faith

At noon on Thursdays, a group of us women are looking at the study called, “Me, Myself and Lies.” This past week we talked about labels in our lives and were asked to consider what our “fact,” “fate,” and “faith” labels are. The fact label was something about ourselves that we maybe didn’t ask for but nonetheless […]