February 20

The Peaceable Kingdom

My husband and I enjoy watching the power dynamics that surround the bird feeder in our backyard. The red squirrels are jerks, always jumping on the bird feeder and hogging it for themselves. The rabbits munch happily with an occasional leap in the air when confronted by charging grey squirrels. One particular rabbit seems to […]

February 11

Past, Present, and Future

A few weeks ago, one of the readers of this blog sent me a digital image of this painting. She noticed the crucifix hanging above Mary and the newborn baby Jesus. She wasn’t sure if she found the crucifix hilarious or disturbing. So, I did a little digging and this is what I found. This […]

January 31


This artwork by Belgian artist Rene Magritte has become an iconic image and is possibly one of the most easily recognized surrealist paintings to date. It is entitled The Son of Man and was painted in 1964. It started out as a self-portrait but ended up as an anonymous man in a bowler hat, although […]

January 25

Regrets and Remorse

I would like to share this sculpture with you by Jewish artist Herman Wald who was born in Romania in 1906. The title of this piece is The Prodigal Son, based on the biblical parable in Luke. It is the story of a destitute son who squandered his inheritance and remorsefully returns to his father […]

January 01

Three Little Words

This painting was so endearing that I couldn’t help sharing it with you. It is by French painter Henri Jules Geoffroy (also knowns as Geo), who began his career illustrating children’s books but went on to become known for his ability to capture the innocence of children in their daily tasks of work and play. […]

December 30


The story goes that the old woman in this painting was a former nun who, at age 70, had been defrocked, lost her faith, and fled the convent. The artist, Paul Cézanne, found her wandering aimlessly in the streets and took her in as his maid, out of charity. This painting was discovered in 1896 […]

December 24

The Third Coming of Christ

Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas Eve and we celebrate our dear Savior’s birth. What better work of art to examine on this day than the nativity of our Lord? This masterpiece was painted by the Italian Renaissance master, Sandro Botticelli, in 1501. As with many paintings of this era and style, there is a plethora […]

December 22


This sculpture is by Swiss artist, Albert György, is installed at the side of Lake Geneva. The figure sends a familiar message. Head down, filled with emptiness. It portrays how we may be gutted by the hardships of life. When this sculpture was installed in 2018, it was shared over 200,000 times on Facebook and […]

December 21

The Bread of Life

Let me begin with a true story from WWII. While Europe was being freed from Nazi occupation at the end of the war, there was terrible shortage of food and much hunger in the land. As you can imagine, there were many orphans who suffered the worst of it. The allied forces rounded up the […]

December 20

Holiday Death Spiral

You can’t help but love how American artist, Norman Rockwell, captures the American experience in his paintings and illustrations. He is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life created for The Saturday Evening Post. This illustration adorned the cover on December 27, 1947. Rockwell produced more than 4,000 original works in his lifetime. […]