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I invite you to join me as we explore together,
“Who told you that?”

Who Told You That?

That was God’s question for Adam and Eve and it is his question for you. Life experiences may leave you believing you are a failure, unlovable, stupid, or worthless. God asks, “Who told you that?” The answer to that question has the power to change your life—not with behavior modification but by heart transformation. Through stories, humor, and a practical tool called The Lie Detector, I hope to help you, the reader, discover:

  • How to identify misbeliefs about yourself and God
  • How to replace those misbeliefs with truth
  • How to live a life of peace, joy, and contentment
  • Discover that it is not people, circumstances, or things that determine your happiness. It is what you believe about those things that matter. Know the truth and be set free!

“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

What other readers
are saying:

Pastor Neill’s biblical insight, top-shelf storytelling, integrity with the word of God, and honesty about the human condition make Who Told You That? a must-read. If you want to refresh, renew, and rebuild your faith, spend time right here in this fantastic book. Prepare to be blessed!

Rev. Corey Bjertness

Who Told You That? equips readers to confront the cultural lies that too often distort perceptions of self and society to stand in the way of a peace-filled life. With a delicate pastoral touch, Neill draws on the power of scripture and story to discover truth from lies in life’s moments of struggle, doubt, and heartbreak, as well as those of forgiveness, hope, and joy. Each chapter provides a lively springboard for inspiring group discussion or personal reflection, encouraging readers to ground their thoughts and actions in timeless truths.

Marianna Malm, educator