March 19

Longing for Home

Meet Christina. A young woman in a stark landscape. You can sense a story is unfolding here, a mystery perhaps. Why is she in the middle of the field? What is she staring at, or waiting for? Is her upper body tense with longing, or with fear? Anna Christina Olson, the subject of this painting, […]

March 12

I Would Gather Thee

The fluff of a feather; the warmth under a wing. One glance at this painting makes me want to snuggle up to something warm and safe and hunker down. The scripture this painting is based on can be found in Luke 13: 34. Jesus is longingly looking over the city and says, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the […]

March 01

“It is good for us to be here…”

Who knew that in Butte, Mont. (my home state), there is an Orthodox church where four Serbian painters, who claim not to be artists, brought scriptures to life by painting the ceiling of their worship space with amazingly beautiful artwork? As if painted on a giant imaginary wheel, we see a visual representation of stories, […]

February 26


How would one visually depict hope? What would it look like? “Hope” is the title of this 1886 painting by George Frederic Watts, an English Victorian painter and sculptor associated with the Symbolist movement. He was famous for his allegorical works such as this, saying, “I paint ideas, not things.” Hope here is blindfolded, attempting […]

February 22

Sermon on the Level Place

Karoly Ferenczy was a Hungarian painter who became a major figure in the art world of his time. He is considered the “father of Hungarian impressionism.” Impressionists got their start in France in the 1860s and were not interested in realism in their paintings, but rather preferred to convey an impression of what the subject […]

February 15

At What Price?

What interesting subject matter for a painting—a 16th Century knight paying ransom for the return of his two kidnapped daughters. The painter, John Everett Millais, was an Englishman and a child prodigy. At the age of eleven, he became the youngest student to enter the Royal Academy Schools. He is also known for establishing the […]

February 08

Go Out Into the Deep

First, a little art history lesson. During the Renaissance, artists transferred their designs to the wall, canvas or drapery using what was called a “cartoon.” This term comes from the Italian word for paper (cara) and the suffix “-one,” so basically it was a large piece of paper. After the art was created on the […]