October 30

Laugh a Little

Isn’t this delightful? I don’t know much about this painting except to say the artist is from Rome and his name is Alberto Macone. Any information I find on him, and there isn’t much, is written in Italian and I’m not smart enough to figure out how to translate it. Speaking of not being smart […]

October 22


There is something about the simplicity of this painting that makes me smile. With just a few strokes of watercolor, the artist, Pittasso, gives us the impression of a man with a balloon. Pittasso is a Greek artist who says, “I paint and draw from life, expressing through different mediums, to different surfaces. Exploring how […]

October 15

What the Hell is Wrong With Me?

I recently discovered a musical artist named Sean McConnell. His album, A Horrible Beautiful Dream, has a song on it called, What the Hell is Wrong with Me? I discovered this painting by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler at about the same time. The painting is titled The Disappointed Souls and the song and painting seemed […]

October 12

The Risen Christ

This painting is Italian artist Bartolomeo Suardi’s work titled, The Risen Christ. Suardi was a devoted follower and mentee of the great Italian architect and artist, Donato Bramante, so he is better known as Bramantino (“little Bramante”). Bramante’s haunting portrayal of Christ is different than most others in the 15th century. We are used to […]

September 24

The Forgiving Father

Frank Wesley, the artist who painted this painting, was born in India into a fifth-generation Methodist family (thus the surname Wesley since John Wesley and his brother, Charles, founded the Methodist movement in the Church of England). Wesley painted this while studying in Japan in the 1950s and donated it to the Hiroshima girl’s school. […]

September 17

Memento Mori

At first glance, this picture may seem a little dull—two old guys in stuffy outfits with stoic expressions. It was painted in 1533 and is a portrait of the French ambassador to England (Jean de Dinteville) and his friend, French ambassador to the Republic of Venice and to the Pope in Rome (Georges de Selve). […]

September 10

The Bookworm

Carl Spitzweg titled this painting The Librarian, but the viewing public renamed it The Bookworm. In the late 1800s, when this painting was made, calling someone a bookworm was an insult, implying one was book-smart but not living in the real world. He is so into learning that the books almost become an extension of […]

August 24

Weaving and Unweavng

The title of this painting, Penelope Unraveling Her Web, suggests there might be a story here and indeed there is. In Homer’s epic poem, Odyssey, we learn Penelope’s husband has been called away to fight the Trojan War. In his 20-year absence, Penelope is beset by suitors who tell her that her husband has perished […]

August 16


I’m not sure why I was drawn to this painting by Chaim Soutine called Young English Girl, but I was. My husband and I were at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris the summer of 2017 and I was immediately taken by it. Remember when we used to be able to travel freely, without worry? […]

July 30

Where Are You Going?

This painting by L.S. Lowry is titled Going to Work and was commissioned in 1943 by the War Artists Advisory Committee (WAAC). Britain’s Ministry of Information established WAAC when WWII broke out. The goal was to avoid what happened in WWI when artists stopped working because of gallery closures and diminishing sales. As a result, […]