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March 04

Being Relaxed

A while back, I decided to treat myself to one of those salt flotation spas. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you spend an hour in a tub full of room-temperature water that is salty enough to keep you afloat. The room is darkened and basically, you just lay there, and because you […]

November 02

Being Like Bach

Quite often when I write my sermons, I have classical  music playing in the background. Music with lyrics distracts me but it’s nice to have a little background music. As I write, my prayer is always that the words I am writing are from God and give glory to God and God alone. It seems […]

July 25

The Basement

I’m baaaack. Yes, it’s been a while. But I wanted to share something that I wrote at a retreat I was on. We had a workshop on writing poetry and I’m no poet, but I had just given a talk about shame and the imagery that stuck with me was the impetus for the following poem. […]