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December 20

Holiday Death Spiral

You can’t help but love how American artist, Norman Rockwell, captures the American experience in his paintings and illustrations. He is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life created for The Saturday Evening Post. This illustration adorned the cover on December 27, 1947. Rockwell produced more than 4,000 original works in his lifetime. […]

June 02

Being Christian 2

Part two of three Further exploration on the term, “Christian.” I won’t claim to be the first to say this (I see a lot of people have taken credit for it) but perhaps one reason people are confused about the term “Christian” is because we have made it an adjective. If you remember, the purpose of an adjective […]

May 30

Being Christian 1

Part one of three I say I am a Christian and some people cringe. Not all, mind you, but some. And if I am really being honest, I cringe a bit too. Not because I’m not sure if it’s true but because I wonder what people hear when I say that word: “Christian.” Donald Miller in […]