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September 10

The Bookworm

Carl Spitzweg titled this painting The Librarian, but the viewing public renamed it The Bookworm. In the late 1800s, when this painting was made, calling someone a bookworm was an insult, implying one was book-smart but not living in the real world. He is so into learning that the books almost become an extension of […]

December 12

Being Welcomed

This is one of my favorite works of art. In fact, I have a printout of it pinned to my bulletin board above my computer at work. It is widely recognized as the greatest icon ever created and, even though it is based on the visit of the three angels to Abraham and Sarah in […]

August 02

Being Still

I was bruised, bitten, bone-tired—and blessed beyond belief! In mid-July, I was lucky enough to be part of a canoe trip down the Missouri River in central Montana. I’ve been wanting to blog about the experience but just can’t seem to put into words what the trip meant. So, I’m sharing this reflection from Rollie Johnson, our fearless leader, […]