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April 08

True Image

  In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’m quoting Mark Batterson, the author of Draw the Circle, a lot these days. That’s because our church is using this book as our Lenten study, so I am writing reflections from what we read there. Mark talks about how many people have circled various things in […]

April 06

Jesus, Please Contend for Me

Did you know you have a God who will fight for you? And not just fight but contend. You see, the word “contend” translates to mean more than mere fighting. God is like a mother Grizzly bear protecting her cubs (physical combat) and like a defense attorney who pleads our case (verbal combat). God loves […]

April 02

Prayer Paradox

Prayer is a paradox, I think, because it is easy to do (just talk to God) yet it is also complicated, nuanced and deep. That is probably why so there are so many books and Bible studies on prayer. Mark Batterson, who wrote a book about prayer called, “Draw the Circle,” talks about this prayer […]