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August 05

Don’t Just Do Something…

This is a painting of a familiar Bible story told in Luke’s gospel about Jesus’ visit to sisters Mary and Martha. Mary is praised by Christ for her willingness to sit at his feet and listen to his teachings. Martha, however, is up and about, concerned with food preparation and housekeeping. The work is by […]

January 08

When Life Runs Dry

In John 2, we find the story of Jesus’ first miracle: turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. His mother, Mary, explains the situation to him. “They have no wine.” And Jesus acts. Spiritually speaking, Mary may be naming a truth we feel at times. For all of us, there comes a day […]

January 06

Eternity Swings on this Moment

Not many artists depict the Christmas story through the eyes of Joseph, but French Baroque painter, Philippe de Champaigne, does just that. Notice the carpentry tools under Joseph’s chair, where he has fallen into a deep sleep. As the story is told in Matthew, Joseph learns that Mary is pregnant and decides to divorce her […]

December 02

“How Can This Be?”

Henry Ossawa Tanner was an African-American artist who fled the racial restrictions of America in the late 1800s and moved to Paris. There he enjoyed much success and by 1900, he was among the leading American artists. Many considered him the premier biblical painter of his day. Tanner’s depiction of the moment when the angel […]