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May 17


This gorgeous oil painting is by Frederic Leighton, a British painter and sculptor from the late 1800s. His paintings were enormously popular and expensive during his lifetime, but for some reason, fell out of favor in the early 20th century. Generally, his work illustrates biblical, classical, and historical subject matters but this painting is more […]

March 30


I love the simplicity of this painting. The artist’s limited color palette and simple background ensure nothing distracts the viewer from the subject matter at hand. The artist is Francisco de Zurbarán, a Spanish painter who was prominent in the 1650s and heavily influenced by the Italian painter Caravaggio. In fact, his nickname was “Spanish […]

August 16

Loneliness or Solitude?

Elijah, the subject of this painting, was a great prophet in the Old Testament. At one point, he predicts a terrible draught is going to ravage the land. God told Elijah to flee to a stream called Cherith. Lonely and in despair, Elijah did as he was told and waited on the Lord. Ravens delivered […]