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November 06

Walking in Another Person’s Shoes

I ran across this quote on a blog by Gehad Gamal and I’m not sure if she wrote it or if it should be attributed to someone else, but it struck me. No human being can be more human than another human being.I liberate you from my ignorance. Have you ever thought of someone as […]

August 30

The Open Bible

This is a painting by Vincent van Gogh that I had not seen before, and being a big van Gogh fan, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon it. As it turns out, van Gogh’s father was a Protestant minister, and some believe that this is his Bible. After his father’s death, van Gogh feverishly […]

April 05

“I’ll be praying for you.”

This monochromatic pencil and ink sketch is so simple, yet poignant. The old man’s altar is an unimpressive piece of furniture—nothing grand or ornate. He doesn’t need a church altar or padded pew. The humility depicted in this scene may be the reason it feels intimate. In solitude and without fanfare, a faithful man talks […]