February 20


Being Concerned

These are anxious times. No one can blame us for being worried about the direction of this world when we read the headlines and hear the news. Are you worried—or are you concerned? There is a difference. Worry is ruminating over something, wringing our hands without making any progress to solve the issue. It tends to be focused on the future.

Concern, on the other hand, is solution-oriented. Concern focuses on solving the problem, coming up with options, making a plan, and doing something about it. It is focused on the here and now.

In other words, worry is meditating on “what if?” Concern is meditating on “what is?”

Yes, we are worried about the state of things in this world, but please don’t be worried. Worry doesn’t do anyone any good. Instead, be concerned. Don’t fret over “what if;” instead do something about “what is.” Pray, help, write, advocate, love, speak up, forgive, DO.

Being Human connection: Worrying does no one any good. Concern, paired with action, has the potential can change the world.