More Mom Memories

A few days ago I shared a “mom saying” in honor of Mother’s Day week. Today I am thinking of some of the things my mom said that made me cringe. Granted I don’t think she meant for them to come across as they did, but nonetheless….

I was the editor-in-chief for a magazine for three years and my picture was in every issue alongside my “letter from the editor.” After three years of the same picture, I finally had a new one taken. Mom was quick to say, “Thank goodness. That other picture made your nose look huge.” So for three years, I guess my nose looked huge. 

My sisters have similar stories. One was told by mom, just as she was getting out of the car to go to school, that she had bad breath. Makes for a long day when you think you stink. Mom told my other sister that she wasn’t fat, just pleasingly plump. Oh boy. Again, I don’t think mom meant to be insulting. I truly believe she was thinking, in her own way, that she was being helpful.

I’m sure I’ve done the same thing sometime in my past. You’ve heard of backhanded compliments. I guess you could call these backhanded insults. A friend of mine, who was a well-put-together and beautiful woman, once told me that she admired me because I didn’t care what I looked like when I went out. ….OK. I know what she meant. She struggled with having to look perfect before being in public. Me? Not so much I guess. 

Being Human connection: We all stick our foot in our mouth now and then. Engaging the brain before mouth may be helpful. 

The photo is my mom and dad. Cute, aren’t they?