May 03


Remembering Mom

A week from tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and as I think back on my mom, I’m surprised at how many “mom sayings” go through my head on a regular basis. My mom passed away in 2003 and I enjoyed a close relationship with her. I always felt like I could talk with her about everything, and perhaps at times, shared a bit too much (if you know what I mean). I find myself saying things my mother used to always say, like: “Oh for heaven’s sake!” That was so my mother! I saw a sign under a mirror in a nursing home that was so true. It said: “Mirror, mirror on the wall; I am my mother after all.” I had to laugh.

One line mom used to always say to me still echoes in my head. When I am fussing about how I look, I hear my mom voice: “No one’s looking at you anyway.” It may sound like she was putting me down, but that was not the case. She would go on to explain that everyone else was worried about how they looked just as much as I was worried about how I looked and it helped me put things in perspective. It wasn’t all about me. She knew how self-conscious a teenage girl could be and her words were said to put me at ease. One day after a track meet, I had totally sunburned my nose. (It seems no matter how much sun screen I put on my nose, it always got sunburned.) That night was a dance at school and I was so horrified that I was going to have to go with a bright red nose. She advised me to just have fun and if anyone said anything, make some comment about being Rudolph. And I’m sure it was followed with, “No one’s looking at you anyway.” I lightened up, forgot about my nose, and just had fun at the dance.

Then, there were those things my mom said that caused me to cringe! But that’s for another post. I’ll share more mom memories as the week goes on. How about you? What are some things you mom said to you that still echo in your head?

Being Human connection: Mom’s words, good or bad, can influence us all our lives.