Standing Strong

Fearless girl

One of the attractions in New York City is a bronze statue called, “Fearless Girl,” sculpted by Kristen Visbal. She is a 50-inch high ponytailed powerhouse with attitude, facing down the famous Charging Bull sculpture, a longstanding symbol of Wall Street. After she was installed on March 7, 2017 (the day before International Women’s Day), she immediately became a selfie hit and a symbol of the gender-equality movement.  She no longer faces the Bull after being moved to face the New York Stock Exchange. Why was she moved? Because the sculptor of The Charging Bull, Arturo Di Modica, complained. Was the Bull intimidated by the little girl? Perhaps. But she is still standing strong—just in a different spot.

Standing strong is something we all struggle with from time to time. It may be we need to stand strong in order to do the right thing in the midst of criticism or pressure to go with the status quo. Or perhaps it is to stand strong during a particularly stormy season in life, like we have seen thus far in 2020. Or perhaps we are facing a transition and we need to stand strong in our resolve to make it through.

Julia Cameron in her book, “Transitions,” speaks to this:

“Transition and change creates vulnerability. The safety of the old life has been set aside. The safety of the new life is not yet in place.  The passage between the two feels perilous and threatening. 

Our feet move unsteadily on the rope bridge slung across the jungle chasm and yet these feelings are illusion. I am safe and secure at all times, in all situations, however unsettling.  I claim God’s love as my bedrock of safety and security.

My faith is the mountain. Events and circumstances are the clouds that hide its face. God’s love is the constant. I know that I am loved and protected even in the midst of chaotic change.”

Being Human connection: If you are having trouble standing strong, I hope these words help.

But the plans of the LORD stand strong forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. –Psalm 33:11

Fearless girl and bull