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November 10

At the Center of It All

When this scene was painted (circa 1510), it was one of the first landscape paintings of this scale ever done. The artist, Patinir, is considered the pioneer of “world landscape” compositions which depicts an imaginary panoramic scene viewed from an elevated viewpoint. This particular painting demonstrates the power of such landscapes. The people involved in […]

June 27

Being Whiny

We all get a little whiny sometimes. I get that. And sometimes that whine spills into our prayer life, especially if we feel God isn’t paying any attention to us. Perhaps we’ve been praying about a problem for a long time now, but getting nothin’ in return. Hello, is anybody up there? And perhaps our […]

December 01

Answer Me!

God is good; all the time; all the time; God is good! Unanswered prayer is a stumbling block for a lot of people, me included. Sometimes I feel like I throw my prayers up, only to have them hit the ceiling and fall to the floor. What’s up with that? Of course, God is God […]