Being Whiny

We all get a little whiny sometimes. I get that. And sometimes that whine spills into our prayer life, especially if we feel God isn’t paying any attention to us. Perhaps we’ve been praying about a problem for a long time now, but getting nothin’ in return. Hello, is anybody up there? And perhaps our whining has morphed into downright complaining or pleading or repeating to God all the ways we’ve been wronged.

But here’s an idea. Instead of praying the problem, pray the solution. Let me give you an example:

Instead of saying: “Lord, I’m fed up with my neighbor! All he does is play loud music and keeps me up late. He lets his dogs run free and mess in my yard. I can’t stand it anymore. Please change him.”

Try this instead: “Lord, I can’t afford to move, so I ask that you help me have a change of heart towards my neighbor. You’ve asked us to pray for our enemies and he feels like an enemy to me, so I pray for him and ask you to help me to cope with this situation.”

See the difference? Many times our prayers involve asking God to change the person or situation that is causing us grief. We know God can change the person or situation but I think more often than not, what he wants is the change us. What or who is bugging you? Bring it to God but don’t just pray the problem. Pray the solution.

Being Human connection: We should not be whiny nor should we mistake whiny for whinny, which is the sound a horse makes.