OK, I’ll Trust That


A few weeks ago, I was tasked with creating a slide show for worship. While the show played, a rendition of the song “Thank You” was performed by our choir and orchestra. It was both beautiful and moving.

The week I needed to get the presentation done, there were many other things demanding my attention. That Wednesday morning, as panic was beginning to set in and I wondered how I would get all my work done, I thought, “I don’t have enough time this morning for devotions and prayer. I’d better just get to work.” But then I changed my mind and wouldn’t you know, these were the words I read for that day’s devotion from “Jesus Calling:”

“Trust Me enough to spend ample time with Me, pushing back the demands of the day. Refuse to feel guilty about something that is so pleasing to Me, King of the universe. Because I am omnipotent, I am able to bend time and events in your favor. You will find that you can accomplish more in less time after you have given yourself to Me in rich communion. Don’t fall into the trap of being constantly on the go.”

OK God, you got my attention. So I thought, “I’ll trust that. I won’t rush through my time with you and trust that I will get done all that I need to get done.”

For the next two days, I worked on the slide show as time allowed. When someone came into my office to talk, I didn’t panic because I couldn’t afford the interruption but instead, turned from my computer and gave them my full attention. Whenever I began to feel a little anxious, I reminded myself to trust God that all that needed to get accomplished would. I needed to complete the slide show by 5:00 p.m. Thursday. At 4:40 p.m. that day, I put the last slide together but had yet to time the presentation. Adjusting the time could be long and tedious, so I took a deep breath and sent up a little prayer.

Our Minister of Music said the show needed to be 5 minutes, 35 seconds long to match the length of the song. I had no idea how long this slide show was. There were multiple animations and transitions and it could have been 4 minutes; it could have been 14 minutes. I really had no idea. So I set my stopwatch on my phone and timed it. When it ended, I couldn’t believe my eyes: 5:36. I was one second over.

Some may say this is a coincidence, but I say it was the Lord, telling me that when I put first things first, spend time with him, and trust that he does what he says he’ll do, all else falls into place. I need to be reminded of this every day, so I have the numbers 5:36 taped above my computer.

Being human connection: When you put first things first, the rest falls into place.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will be not be taken away from her.” -Luke 10:41-42